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In celebration of World Backup Day and with the first days of spring behind us, many of us are beginning to clear out our clutter from cupboards and do a little spring-cleaning. Being an IT provider, we have a pretty good pulse on how many of you take the time to clear out your hard drive files – but that’s our sweet spot. Your computer needs a little maintenance too! Many have asked, “What do you do with all those files on your computer or laptop?”


Instead of spending the next few weeks sorting, pitching and possibly misplacing something critically important, we asked one of our technicians to give us some guidance on the best method for backing up your hard drive.


Our IT Tip for March comes from Ben Ingram who has taken a few calls from customers who have lost all of their data due to their hard drive failing. (Yes, nXio does provide back up recovery services, but we would rather work with our customers to be proactive so they don't ever have to be in a complete state of loss or shell out the $10,000 for most data-recovery projects.) You can thank us later.


Benjamin Ingram

Ben Ingram

Putting information on an external hard drive is a step in the right direction, but I recommend online backups. They are the fail-safe, low-cost way to protect against fire, flood or any other disaster that could occur. Imagine where you would be if nothing was backed up? We’ve seen small businesses put out of business due to loss of data and records. I have done research on a few, easy-to-use applications that our customers love and never have to maintain.”



If you've been thinking about applying a hassel-free backup application to your small business, give us a call today to discuss the best option for you at 913.754.8120

Ben Ingram is a Network Technician coming up on his 2-year anniversary at nXio. He earned his Bachelors in Business Administration at Graceland University in Iowa. IT is a hobby of Ben’s that turned into a career interest and he attended Centriq for formal training. Ben enjoys being a husband and father of two, snowboarding and keeping abreast of the latest and greatest news and gadgets in the technology world.


About nXio: nXio was formed with the idea that the products, technologies and services of big business should be available to the independent business owner. We focus on your specific business needs, helping you utilize technology effectively to increase productivity and build prosperity in your business. nXio is a Microsoft Gold Partner with a small business focus. We provide a full range of technology solutions for your business including, but not limited to, web and E-mail hosting, web development, IP Telephony, remote backup, data-recovery services as well as technology-integration consulting.


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