Preventative Maintenance


Computers are in an investment in your business. To get the maximum return on that investment you must take care of them. They need updates, security check-ins, virus scans and just general TLC.  Technology can be daunting. How do you know if you are doing the proper updates, you back-ups are working and secure. You started your business and as a business owner your time is limited and valuable. You don’t need to spend this  time setting up a network,  changing passwords or fixing a broken computer.  This can be incredibly frustrating and time consuming. Not to mention, if done incorrectly it can be a huge security breach to your business.  Let nXio do this. We know what we are doing!


Workstation Service Offering


  • Monthly operating system, Internet Explorer, and Office security updates
  • Twice monthly virus and spyware scanning and removal
  • Preventative scandisk scans to predict hard drive failures before they happen.
  • Monthly hard drive defragmentation to increase system performance.
  • System metrics monitoring including:

o    Disk space availability

o    Critical service failures

o    Memory and CPU utilization for unusual trends

  • Discounted on-site hourly service and remote helpdesk services. 
  • Annual on-site maintenance to verify proper operation and machine cooling. 


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