How do you know exactly what kind of IT support you need? It can be tough to answer if you don't know how to ask the right questions. With our IT report card, we make it easy to determine what suits your business best. Simply input your information below and submit to see if your current IT solution is covering all of your needs.

1. Do you own your own e-mail domain (i.e. )?

2. Do you have a web presence (e.g. website, domain name/URL, blog)?

3. Do you have perpetual email/spam problems?

4. Do you feel that your network is secure from hackers?

5. Is your computer protected from viruses and spyware?

6. Do you perform regular server and software updates?

7. Is all of your important business information backed up? Do you know how to get to it if you need?

8. Does your current IT provider offer prompt and professional service that helps your business run as efficiently as possible?

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